Points of Care Program from Universal Rx

Points of Care is a savings program will allow you to save up to 50% on your prescription medications at a participating retail pharmacy or through mail order, and up to 40% on diabetes supplies, durable medical equipment, hearing supplies, and over-the-counter items.

  • One card per household.
  • No enrollment forms are required.
  • Card is pre-activated and ready to use.
  • Over 55,000 participating pharmacies.

Travel Accident Insurance for Groups Performing Mission Activities within the US and Canada

This is basic travel insurance at a competitive cost for mission activities and related projects within the US and Canada. For a summary of coverage, please click here.


Linking Arms members have access to 20-60% off on movies, hotels, shows, concerts, sporting events and more! This is just a small token of our appreciation for your hard work.
Click here for more details.

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